November 19, 2023

Why Wax Your Car Every Month in Florida?

Living in Florida is nothing less than an enthusiastic trip. Enjoy long trips and local beaches and make the most out of your stay in the tourist heaven of the country. Car owners also admire the scenic routes and big open roads in the state, making it one of the friendliest states for car owners. If you are wondering Why Wax Your Car Every Month in Florida? You are in luck, Professional Detailing Service has the answers and solution!

Despite all the goods, there’s a downside to owning a car in Florida, and that’s the detrimental effect of the environment and hot weather. The coastal cities make the cars prone to rusting and corrosion, while other areas also bear the grunt of the sun in summer.

Let’s understand some of the reasons you should be waxing your car each month, especially if you’re a resident of Florida. Some important tips regarding detailing your car in West Palm Beach, and what’s the best place to get this service.

Here’s Why You Should Be Waxing your Car Each Month in Florida

If you’re a car owner living in the welcoming state of Florida, be mindful about detailing your car every month, here’s why;

Protecting the Paint from Fading

Florida has a very grumpy sun in the summer and we all know that UV rays are very harmful to the paint of your car. Especially the clear coat that’s covering and protects the base coat of your car gets damaged in a few days if exposed to direct sunlight, and once the base coat starts to get affected, the paint begins to fade.

Waxing your car regularly leaves a protective coating on the top of the car and prevents UV rays from damaging the paint of your car. If you put a sealant layer on top, it offers extra protection in the harsh summers of Florida.

Prevent Flaking

If you live in Florida, you must be aware that the hot months of summer can get really unbearable, and it’s not just the people that suffer, everything else is at risk as well.

If the temperature rises too much, the fading of your car paint is the least of your problems, the consequences are even worse. The paint begins to get damaged and starts flaking in patches. You’d notice that your car has different paint shades and some parts would even start to become patchy or even fall off.

By waxing your car, you can prevent this problem or at least slow the progression. You should also try to park your car under some shade if you’ve recently moved into the state and don’t know what the scorching sun of summer can do to your car.

Avoid Rusting and Corrosion

The weather of Florida gets humid as well as very hot in the summers, thanks to the scorching sun and overall climate of the region. This leads to excessive corrosion and rusting of the car parts.

Adding to the injury, West Palm Beach is a coastal area where cars are even more prone to rusting. You’d find rust in the suspension area and undercarriage portion of most cars that have been driving in the area for some years.

Getting your car regularly waxed and having the underbody portion sealed with a coating can prevent this problem. Rust is the worst thing that could happen to a car, and if you’re new in the state or planning to move to Florida, remember to wax your car once every month or you’d suffer badly at the hands of the hot, damp weather of the state.

Maintaining the Shine

To make sure that your car keeps flaunting its superb factory shine and sparkling stance for years, you ought to put in some work. Premium quality wax ensures that the clear coat remains protected, which reflects the light as a mirror and enhances the shine of the car, along with the beads that are embedded in the paint during the paint job in the factory.

You would also need to take care of paint correction, remove any swirls or scratches, and even glaze the paintwork before you apply the last layer of wax. It also has a buffering effect and synergizes the action of the clear coat by repelling any contaminants or harmful byproducts of the oxidation process that occurs at high temperatures.

Residents of Florida must be aware of what summers can do to their cars and how they can protect the paintwork and body by regularly waxing it, at least once a month or so.

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Florida is a beautiful state, full of amazing sceneries, beaches, recreational sites, and any other thing you crave for. You name it – Florida has it, but all these amenities come at a cost, the harsh weather.

Summers in Florida are really tough, and not just for humans, they could really be deteriorating to the cars as well. If you’re a car owner, you must know that UV rays and a hot environment can damage the paint of your car and even lead to corrosion and rusting of the metal parts.

To keep all these problems at bay, you must clean and wax your car at least once a month, to make sure that it keeps shining like new, and its lifespan remains intact, no matter how harsh the weather becomes.