November 19, 2023

Here’s why you Should Regularly Wax your Car

Here’s why you Should Regularly Wax your Car or have a Mobile Car Wash West Palm Beach do it  for you!

You saw your friend pick a brand new car from the dealership and the metallic shine on that thing had your jaw dropped. That’s pretty normal, anybody would have the same reaction as the new cars are freshly painted and glossed, to stand out from the crowd. It’s been three years now and all that shine is gone and a few parts have started to fade. Well, that’s because the clear coat on the paint has been damaged and the sensitive layers underneath are exposed. Let’s talk about the painting process of a car and why should you be regularly waxing your car.

There’s more to Paint than you know

Paint is not simply just a layer of pigment sprayed onto the metal surface of a car. Rather, it is one of the most complex processes, that starts with chemically preparing the metal surface and then giving it a negative charge via electrolyte dipping. Then a primer coat is applied to bind with the next layer, the basecoat, which is the color of the paint. Finally, a clear coat is applied to the surface that acts as a repellant to corrosives and achieves the desired shine. This layer is what primarily protects the paint of a car and ensures the glossy shine.

The Importance of Maintaining the Wax Layer

Take a soft applicator pad and apply the wax to the decontaminated surface in a clockwise motion. After the layer has settled for 5 minutes, start wiping it off with a soft microfiber towel to avoid swirls and scratches. A thin layer of wax, invisible to the naked eye is left and that is what protects the clear coat, and prevents oxidation of the paint and metal surface.

1- Protection against the Sun

The thin layer of wax on the car’s surface acts as a sunscreen and prevents any damage to the clear coat. The ultraviolet rays and extreme temperature can damage the clear coat if the wax layer is missing and can cause discoloration and oxidation of the paint.

2- Acts as a water repellant

Wax has inherent hydrophobic properties and prevents the binding of water molecules to the car’s surface. If water binds to the car’s surface, it evaporates with time and leaves contaminants and debris behind, which can damage the coat and paint layer. So, a layer of wax would provide definite protection against rain and water splashes as well.

3- Protects from pollutants

Pollution is not only harmful to our health but the beauty of our cars as well. The harmful chemicals in the smoke can damage the clear coat and cause oxidation of the surface, leading to discoloration, fading, and corrosion. The wax layer acts as protection against these particles.

4- Restores the showroom gloss

If properly decontaminated and glazed, waxing a car with high-quality products gives it a showroom-like glossy shine and a mirror-like finish.

Pro Tips

1- It is advisable to wax the car in a dustless environment after proper glazing and give it a seal with professional sealant material afterward.

2- It is ideal to get your car professionally detailed once a month.

3- If you want to prolong the shine and quality of your car’s paint, get it ceramic coated. *(Learn more about ceramic coating in our next article)