November 19, 2023

Why is Car Waxing So Important in Florida’s Summers?

Florida is a beautiful state, needless to mention that it is tourist heaven and a locality full of beautiful destinations. Despite all the beauty and fun, the summers could get tough, particularly for the car owners who struggle with maintaining the shine and paint of their cars. Are you wondering Why is Palm Beach Mobile Car Wash Here at Professional Detailing Service we can fill all your needs!

Car washing and waxing are important maintenance routines and must be done irrespective of the weather conditions. West palm beach suffers the scorching heat and burning sun summers which could damage the paintwork and shine of your car.

Here’s why waxing your car is so important in Florida’s sun and how you could keep the shine and beauty of your car intact.

Keeping the Shine Intact

Have you noticed your brand new car with that shine and a crystalline look, it is due to the addition of beads in the paint that reflect the light and give an enhanced shine.
If the car is left to sit in the sun for hours in routine, the beads embedded in the paint could get decomposed and lose their shine over time. Florida is notorious for its hot scorching sun in the summer that kills the shine of cars in the state.

Waxing your car in the sun of Florida forms a layer of barrier on the paint film and prevents any damage to the paint or sparkling shine of your car. It is ideal if you use organic wax with a coating layer on top or a sealant for added protection.

Preventing Oxidation

Water splashes or mud beads left on your car panels or undercarriage area can get rapidly oxidized if come in constant contact with air. This could lead to rust formation and corrosion which is detrimental to the longevity and durability of the car.

The atmosphere of Florida is notorious for this problem, particularly in the West Palm Beach area. Add the scorching sun to this and the damage gets two folds in a matter of weeks or months.
Waxing your car forms a hydrophobic layer on top of it and prevents any water or other contaminants from sticking to it. If you can’t do it yourself, better get a mobile car wash or auto detailing in Palm Beach to get the job done and ensure the protection of your precious possession.

Maintaining Ambient Temperature

Although not to such a great extent, a layer of wax on your car in the scorching heat of Florida could prevent the temperature from rising. The most important addition for that are the window tints that you should ideally get installed in your car, repelling heat could play an important role in maintaining the ambient temperature.
Get a premium wax layer on your car, only at car detailing West Palm Beach, and enjoy a comfortable interior. Air conditioning also works better if the car is not boiling up, and can make living in Florida’s sun much more accessible.

Preventing the Paint from Shading/Flaking

Sunlight. Particularly the UV rays are very harmful, not just for living beings and crops but for your car’s paint as well. If the paint on your car is left unprotected and you’re not habitual of waxing your car, it could extensively damage the paint of your car and it would start fading in patches.
Florida is known for its intense heat in summers, and with the increasing greenhouse effect in the region, your car paint could start flaking and even peel off, if not attended to.
Having a layer of wax and sealant can at least prevent the peeling and flaking of your car’s paint, if not enhance it by any means. So you should regularly wax your car in Florida’s sun, a minimum of every 2 weeks, for perfect results. Are you wondering Palm Beach Mobile Car Wash Here at Professional Detailing Service, we can fill all your needs!

Protect the Car’s Value

Needless to say that if your car flaunts its shining paint for years, it speaks volumes about its maintenance and care. Florida’s sun is the worst enemy of your car’s paint and could play havoc with it if not looked after properly.

Ensure that you protect the value of your car in Florida by waxing it every fortnight yourself, or hire the best professional car detailing services in the West Palm Beach area.

Where Should I get my Car Detailed in Florida?

If you’re looking for the best home car detailing services, best car wash, auto detailing, and other car cleaning services in West Palm Beach. Search mobile car detailing near me and hire and gift your car the best service and treatment it could get in Florida, and particularly in the West Palm Beach area.
You can either drive down there or opt for a home car detailing service. Whatever suits you, the best professional car detailing company in Florida is here to serve you.

Final Thoughts

Car paint is a very important part of it, and apart from adding to the stance and character of the car, it also protects it from environmental damages and other detrimental factors.
Florida is one of the country’s most beautiful regions, but when the mercury rises in summer and the sun is firing on all cylinders, it could easily target and damage your car’s paint.
Hence, it is crucial that you at least do the bare minimum to protect the paint. The easiest way is by waxing it every 2 weeks and sealing the surface with a layer of coat. If you’re too busy to do that, hire the best car detailing services in the West Palm Beach area and give your vehicle the treatment it deserves. should be your go-to option and you won’t regret enjoying their premium services. Happy Detailing!